13 Easy Diets To Follow & Sustain


Blends two proven healthy diets and gives a boost to your brain power

Details not fleshed out and recipes resources lacking

Eat berries, research has shown they protect against mental decline. Eat leafy greens, these veggies are especially brain-friendly. Instead of butter use olive oil, butter is discouraged in this diet, and olive oil can flavor your meals in a healthier way.

Butter up, stick to less than 1 tablespoon a day. Eat cheese, fried foods or fast food, these are unhealthy and bad for your waistline and your brain, so avoid them as much as possible. Eat too much red meat, the followers of this diet refrain from red meats in favor of fish and poultry. The MIND diet recommends limiting red meat to not more than than four servings per week.