8 Apps For Anxiety Relief When Stress Hits Hard

Doesn’t it always seem to be the way that anxiety and panic attacks have a terrible habit of striking at the worst possible moment? Sure, there’s never a *good* time to deal with them, Perhaps we’re at a friend’s house, on the train or at the store. Wherever it is, when an attack strikes of the stress of the situation simply becomes too overwhelming, we could all use something quick, simple and effective to help us through it. That’s where the leading anxiety relief apps being featured in this article come in handy.

1. Calm

Best for all-round stress-management and relaxation. Calm offers incredible value for a free app and have ultimately helped thousands of people to get their anxiety under control. Each meditation comes with its own enchanting visuals and tranquil soundtrack, so you can always find one that’s just to your liking.

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